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I am rewatching the show and improving our coverage by episode starting right back at the beginning with Season 1. I am going to work systematically through a to do list for each episode which I will place on the episode talk page. I will watch a new episode each week beginning with the pilot "24 Hours" on 3 November 2011. If anyone would like to join in that would be great.

Season 1 episodes

  1. See Talk:24 Hours for "24 Hours".
  2. See Talk:Day One for "Day One".
  3. See Talk:Going Home for "Going Home".
  4. See Talk:Hit and Run for "Hit and Run".
  5. See Talk:Into That Good Night for "Into That Good Night".
  6. See Talk:Chicago Heat for "Chicago Heat".
  7. See Talk:Another Perfect Day for "Another Perfect Day".
  8. See Talk:9½ Hours for "9½ Hours".
  9. See Talk:ER Confidential for "ER Confidential".
  10. See Talk:Blizzard for "Blizzard".
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  12. See Talk:Happy New Year for "Happy New Year".
  13. See Talk:Luck of the Draw for "Luck of the Draw".
  14. See Talk:Long Day's Journey for "Long Day's Journey".
  15. See Talk:Feb 5, 1995 for "Feb 5, 1995".
  16. See Talk:Make of Two Hearts for "Make of Two Hearts".
  17. See Talk:The Birthday Party for "The Birthday Party".
  18. See Talk:Sleepless in Chicago for "Sleepless in Chicago".
  19. See Talk:Love's Labor Lost for "Love's Labor Lost".
  20. See Talk:Full Moon, Saturday Night for "Full Moon, Saturday Night".
  21. See Talk:House of Cards for "House of Cards".
  22. See Talk:Men Plan, God Laughs for "Men Plan, God Laughs".
  23. See Talk:Love Among the Ruins for "Love Among the Ruins".
  24. See Talk:Motherhood for "Motherhood".
  25. See Talk:Everything Old Is New Again for "Everything Old Is New Again".