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"The Match Game"
Season 2, Episode 17
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Air date March 28, 1996
Written by Neal Baer
Directed by Thomas Schlamme
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The Match Game is the 17th episode of the second season of "E.R." It was first aired in March, 28 1996. It was written by Neal Baer and directed by Thomas Schlamme.


Susan institutes extra precautions in case Chloe tries to reclaim Little Susie. Mark changes his look, growing a goatee and wearing contact lenses. Carol and Jeanie square off over the care of a transient.

Carter celebrates when he receives his residency match which ends up putting his patient and his job at risk. Shep (still grieving from Raul's death) is surly with his new partner, Reilly.

Benton and Doug have differences when Peter discloses a critical mistake made by Doug, raising animosity between the two.

NBC Description

LEWIS'S CHOICE: Dr. Lewis's erratic sister Chloe (Kathleen Wilhoite) returns, claiming five months of sobriety. Lewis, however, refuses to trust her and refuses to turn over baby Susie.

Benton ignores hospital policy and betrays Dr. Ross in the process. Carter lets his personal life interfere with proper patient care.

Short summary

Mark has changed his look and image: he comes to work on a motor, has a goatee and wears contact lenses. Carter is very nervous because he's about to get his residency match. Shep has a new partner, rookie Reilly and Carol and Jeanie constantly rag each other, which indirectly leads to the suffering of a patient. Benton finds out Doug missed something in the diagnosis of a boy Doug treated four months ago.




  • "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood and the Destroyers


Susan (to Mark): Wait a minute! I thought your eyes were brown.
Mark: For an extra 15 bucks, they can be blue.
Jerry (to Mark & Doug): Hot date?
Mark: Just a couple of single guys hanging out.
Doug: So, we'll leave around 8:00 for a 9:00 set?
Jerry: You know, I'm not doing anything tonight.
Doug: Really, Jerry? Good, because there's a great game on TV.
[stuttering a bit]

Dr. Mark Greene: You know, I thought I read somewhere that women find baldness a sign of virility.

Iris: [laughs] Who told you that? Some bald guy?

Dr. Peter Benton: On my count. One, two...

Dr. Doug Ross: Buckle my shoe and kiss my ass.