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The Book of Abby is the third episode of the fifteenth season of the NBC medical drama series ER. It premiered on October 16, 2008.

"The Book of Abby"
Season 15, Episode 3 (#312)
Air date October 16, 2008
US viewers 8.81 M
Written by David Zabel
Directed by Christopher Chulack
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Abby 's first day as an Attending is bittersweet. Neela is hurt when she finds out Abby's news from someone else. Abby and the new ER Chief argue over how to treat a gunshot victim. Abby comes to Sam 's aid when she faces a nurses' disciplinary board.

Cast and Characters


Parminder Nagra as Dr. Neela Rasgotra

John Stamos as Dr. Tony Gates

Linda Cardellini as Nurse Sam Taggart

Scott Grimes as Dr. Archie Morris

David Lyons as Dr. Simon Brenner

Angela Bassett as Dr. Cate Banfield

Maura Tierney as Dr. Abby Lockhart (Final Regular Appearance)

Goran Visnjic as Dr. Luka Kovac (Final Appearance)


Leland Orser as Dr. Lucien Dubenko

Troy Evans as Frank Martin

Yvette Freeman as Nurse Haleh Adams

Gil McKinney as Dr. Paul Grady

Laura Cerón as Nurse Chuny Marquez





  • One of the Bible passages Abby recites is from the Book of Job, Chapter 38, verse 17. She recites only the first half of the verse, "Have the gates of death been shown to you?". The second half reads "Have you seen the gates of deep shadows?". It is surprising that this portion was omitted, considering how well it fits into the light/dark themes of the episode.
  • Six of the twenty-three names on the wall of name plaques are of producers, writers, directors, and a key make-up artist: L. Woodward, N. Baer, S. Gemmil, Salamunovich (for both M. and C.), B. Arrollo, and J. Orman. All the rest are names of characters from the show's history, mostly doctors (Del Amico , Barnett , Finch , Benton , Corday , Doyle, Lewis , Ross , Gallant , Chen , Pratt , Malucci , Greene , Weaver , and Romano ) with one nurse (Hathaway ) and one medical student (Knight ). Carter did not put his name on the wall because he thought it defaced government property. The presence of Malucci's plaque introduces a minor continuity error as when he left in Season 8, Episode 4, he made a point of ripping it off his locker himself and taking it away with him.
  • This episode is Maura Tierney 's last appearance as a series regular. She would return one more time for a brief appearance in the episode "Shifting Equilibrium ."
  • Goran Visnjic has no dialogue in this episode and only appears at the very end.
  • Although listed in the opening credits, David Lyons does not appear in this episode.


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