Season 6
Season six
No. of episodes 22
Original network NBC
Original run September 30, 1999 – May 18, 2000
DVD release December 19, 2006
Season chronology
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The sixth season of the medical drama series ER which originally aired from NBC on September 30, 1999 and concluded on May 18, 2000. The season consists of 22 episodes. It was released on Region 1 DVD on December 19, 2006. Julianna Margulies left the show after this season, while Maura Tierney joined the cast.



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Cast and characters

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Actor/actress Character Role
Anthony Edwards Dr. Mark Greene Emergency Medicine Attending
Noah Wyle Dr. John Carter Emergency Medicine Resident (Year 2)
Julianna Margulies Nurse Carol Hathaway ER Head Nurse
Gloria Reuben Jeanie Boulet Physician Assistant
Laura Innes Dr. Kerry Weaver Chief of Emergency Medicine
Alex Kingston Dr. Elizabeth Corday Surgical Intern
Kellie Martin Lucy Knight Medical Student
Paul McCrane Robert Romano Chief of Surgery / Chief of Staff
Goran Višnjić Dr. Luka Kovac Emergency Medicine Attending
Maura Tierney Abby Lockhart Obstetrics Nurse / Medical Student
Erik Palladino Dr. Dave Malucci Emergency Medicine Resident (Year 1)
Michael Michele Dr. Cleo Finch Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Resident (Year 2)
Ming-Na Dr. Jing-Mei Chen Emergency Medicine Resident (Year 2)
Eriq La Salle Dr. Peter Benton Surgical Emergency Trauma Fellow

Plot synopsis

Four new characters are introduced in the sixth season: Dr. Luka Kovač, OB nurse\third-year medical student Abby Lockhart, second year pediatric resident Dr. Cleo Finch and second year resident, Dr. Dave Malucci.

Former med student Deb Chen (now Jing-Mei Chen) returns to the ER as a third-year resident. Paul McCrane (Robert Romano) becomes a series regular as of this season.

Mark copes with the loss of his parents and grows close to Corday.

Jeanie marries police officer Reggie Moore and becomes a foster parent to an HIV-positive infant, Carlos. She leaves County in the episode The Peace of Wild Things to care for Carlos full-time.

Peter gets into a custody dispute with Carla over Reese when Carla and her new husband, Roger plan to move to Germany for Roger's job, but in the end, they don't move after all.

Carol give birth to twin daughters Tess & Kate on Thanksgiving and struggles with single parenthood. Although she grows close to Luka, she eventually leaves County and moves to Seattle to be with Doug.

OB nurse Abby (who helped Carol deliver one of her twin daughters) appears in the ER as a third-year medical student. Things take a turn for the worse when Lucy and Carter are attacked and stabbed by a psychotic patient. Although the team battle bravely, they are unable to save Lucy, who dies from her injuries, leaving Carter devastated.

Carter later develops an addiction to pain medication which forces his colleagues to do an intervention. Although resistent at first, the season finale shows Carter heading off to rehab with Benton accompanying him.


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Season # Series # Title Writer Director Original airdate
1 114 Leave it to Weaver Lydia Woodward Jonathan Kaplan September 30, 1999
2 115 Last Rites Jack Orman Felix Enriquez Alcala October 7, 1999
3 116 Greene with Envy Patrick Harbinson Peter Markle October 14, 1999
4 117 Sins of the Fathers Doug Palau Ken Kwapis October 21, 1999
5 118 Truth & Consequences R Scott Gemmill Steve De Jarnett November 4, 1999
6 119 The Peace of Wild Things John Wells Richard Thorpe November 11, 1999
7 120 Humpty Dumpty Neal Baer Jonathan Kaplan November 18, 1999
8 121 Great Expectations Jack Orman Christopher Misiano November 25, 1999
9 122 How the Finch Stole Christmas Linda Gase Fred Einesman December 16, 1999
10 123 Family Matters Patrick Harbinson Anthony Edwards January 6, 2000
11 124 The Domino Heart Joe Sachs Lesli Linka Glatter January 13, 2000
12 125 Abby Road R Scott Gemmill Richard Thorpe February 3, 2000
13 126 Be Still My Heart Lydia Woodward Laura Innes February 10, 2000
14 127 All in the Family Jack Orman Jonathan Kaplan February 17, 2000
15 128 Be Patient Sandy Kroopf Ken Kwapis February 24, 2000
16 129 Under Control Neal Baer and Joe Sachs Christopher Misiano March 23, 2000
17 130 Viable Options Patrick Harbinson Marita Grabiak April 6, 2000
18 131 Match Made in Heaven R Scott Gemmill Jonathan Kaplan April 13, 2000
19 132 The Fastest Year Lydia Woodward Richard Thorpe April 27, 2000
20 133 Loose Ends Neal Baer Kevin Hooks May 4, 2000
21 134 Such Sweet Sorrow John Wells John Wells May 11, 2000
22 135 May Day Jack Orman Jonathan Kaplan May 18, 2000