Season 5
Season five
No. of episodes 22
Original network NBC
Original run September 24, 1998 – May 20, 1999
DVD release July 11, 2006
Season chronology
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The fifth season of the medical drama series ER which originally aired on September 24, 1998 and concluded on May 20, 1999. The season consists of 22 episodes. It was released on Region 1 DVD on June 11, 2006.

George Clooney left the show permanently after this season.



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Cast and characters

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Actor/actress Character Role
Anthony Edwards Dr. Mark Greene Emergency Medicine Attending
George Clooney Dr. Doug Ross Emergency Paediatric Fellow
Noah Wyle Dr. John Carter Emergency Medicine Resident (Year 1)
Julianna Margulies Nurse Carol Hathaway ER Head Nurse
Gloria Reuben Jeanie Boulet Physician Assistant
Laura Innes Dr. Kerry Weaver Chief of Emergency Medicine
Alex Kingston Dr. Elizabeth Corday Surgical Intern
Kellie Martin Lucy Knight Medical Student
Eriq La Salle Dr. Peter Benton Surgical Emergency Trauma Fellow

Plot synopsis

Medical student Lucy Knight (Kellie Martin) begins her studies in the ER. As she spends time learning the layout and staff of the ER, we learn of Dr. Anna Del Amico's departure.

Carter is reminded of himself as he watches Knight learn and practice. The two have a large number of conflicts before they find a way to work together.

Elizabeth Corday begins her surgical internship all over again in order to keep her job at the hospital and ends her relationship with fellow surgeon Peter Benton. Benton finds out that his son is hearing impaired, and he considers a cochlear implant. Eventually, he decides against it.

Weaver opts for a full-time chief of emergency medicine post, but the post goes to an East Coast doctor, Amanda Lee. Dr. Lee soon develops a more-than-professional interest in Mark Greene with Lee later revealing to be a fraudulent psychopath who later leaves under cloudy circumstances.

Greene does a paramedic ride-along and Doug Ross has at last settled down with Carol Hathaway.

While on probation after performing a risky procedure during the fourth season, Ross breaks protocol again by informing a mother how to alter the medication given to her disabled son with ALD. She uses this information to kill her son, leaving Ross under fire. He resigns from County and moves to Seattle.


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Season # Series # Title Writer Director Original airdate
1 92 Day For Knight Lydia Woodward Christopher Chulack September 24, 1998
2 93 Split Second Carol Flint Christopher Misiano October 1, 1998
3 94 They Treat Horses, Don't They? Walon Green TR Babu Subramaniam October 8, 1998
4 95 Vanishing Act Jack Orman Lesli Linka Glatter October 15, 1998
5 96 Masquerade Samantha Howard Corbin Steve De Jarnatt October 29, 1998
6 97 Stuck On You Neal Baer David Nutter November 5, 1998
7 98 Hazed and Confused Carol Flint and David Mills Jonathan Kaplan November 12, 1998
8 99 The Good Fight Jack Orman Christopher Chulack November 19, 1998
9 100 Good Luck, Ruth Johnson Lydia Woodward Rod Holcomb December 10, 1998
10 101 The Miracle Worker Paul Manning Lesli Linka Glatter December 17, 1998
11 102 Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee Linda Gase Richard Thorpe January 7, 1999
12 103 Double Blind Carol Flint David Chameides January 21, 1999
13 104 Choosing Joi Lydia Woodward Christopher Chulack February 4, 1999
14 105 The Storm: Part 1 John Wells John Wells February 11, 1999
15 106 The Storm: Part 2 John Wells Christopher Chulack February 18, 1999
16 107 Middle of Nowhere Neal Baer and Carol Flint Jonathan Kaplan February 25, 1999
17 108 Sticks and Stones Joe Sachs Felix Enriquez Alcala March 25, 1999
18 109 Point of Origin Christopher Mack Christopher Misiano April 8, 1999
19 110 Rites of Spring David Mills Jonathan Kaplan April 29, 1999
20 111 Power Carol Flint Laura Innes May 6, 1999
21 112 Responsible Parties Jack Orman Christopher Misiano May 13, 1999
22 113 Getting to Know You Lydia Woodward Jonathan Kaplan May 20, 1999