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Reese Benton is the son of Dr. Peter Benton and Carla Reese.

He was portrayed by Matthew Watkins.

Character History[]

In the 3rd season, Carla found out that she was pregnant with Reese after her relationship with Peter ended. During her pregnancy, she had gestational diabetes and sustained an ankle injury in a minor car accident.

Towards the end of the season, Reese is born prematurely and spends weeks in the NICU. By the 4th season, he is discharged from the hospital in the episode, When The Bough Breaks. He starts attending daycare at County General while his parents work.

In the 4th season finale, a daycare worker tells Peter that Reese might need to get his hearing checked.

During the 5th season, Peter takes Reese to see an audiologist where it is confirmed that Reese has severe hearing loss due to medication that was given to him while he was hospitalized in the NICU.

Peter has a hard time coping with Reese's diagnosis and even considers a cochlear implant for him, but he later decides against it. Reese starts wearing hearing aids and learns how to communicate through sign language. When Carla reveals that her new husband, Roger got a job promotion in Germany and plans to take Reese with them, Peter objects to it.

In the 6th season, Peter gets a restraining order to prevent Carla and Roger from moving to Germany with Reese. He and Peter are also shown living with Peter's sister, Jackie and her family.

Things get even more tense between Peter and Carla when Carla tells him that Reese might not be his biological son. Despite that, Peter refuses to take a paternity test because no matter what the results say, he sees Reese as his son. On Christmas Eve, Carla tells Peter that they won't be moving to Germany after all and Reese remains in Chicago.

In the 7th season, after Peter is fired by Dr. Romano, he considers taking a job in Philadelphia; however, he turns it down when Carla refuses to work out a long-distance custody agreement with him which forces Peter to ask Romano for his job back.

During the 8th season, Reese and Carla are involved in a car accident. Although Reese sustains minor injuries, Carla is killed in the accident. After Carla's death, Peter finds himself fighting for custody of Reese with Roger.

When Peter takes a paternity test, it is revealed that he is not Reese's biological father. Despite that, Peter is able to win full custody of Reese while Roger is given visitation every other Saturday. After Peter marries Cleo Finch, she becomes his stepmother.

In the series finale, a now 13-year-old Reese accompanies Peter to the opening of John Carter's medical clinic.