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Rachel Greene
Rachel Greene.jpg
Key information
Nickname Rach
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Date of birth February 16, 1987
Title Medical Student (2009)
Family Mark Greene (father, deceased)
Jennifer Greene-Simon (mother)
Elizabeth Corday (stepmother)
Ella Greene (half-sister)
Behind the scenes
Portrayer: Yvonne Zima (1994-2000)
Hallee Hirsh (2001-2009)
First episode "24 Hours"
Last episode "And in the End..."
Appearances 38 episodes (see below)

Rachel Greene is the daughter of Mark Greene and step daughter to Elizabeth Corday.


Rachel was born February 16, 1987 to Mark Greene and Jennifer Greene-Simon. When Rachel was 15 she got into drugs, alcohol, and smoked. She gave her half sister Ella drugs and Ella overdosed. This caused Elizabeth and Mark to split until his tumor came back.

In the episode On the Beach Rachel and Mark reconcile. Following Mark's death in this episode, his original family no longer appear as regular characters. Rachel makes two guest appearances during the subsequent 6 seasons of the show. In Midnight she seeks assistance from her ex-stepmother, Dr. Corday, in acquiring birth control, causing tension with her mother. In the series finale, it is revealed that Rachel did ultimately get her life on track. She is graduating from Duke and has been admitted to several unspecified medical schools including County General's affiliated school. Rachel appears at County General for a tour conducted by Chaz Pratt and is considering entering the emergency medicine field. During the last scene of the show, Rachel assists John Carter with an arriving patient.