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The Pediatrics ER was a sub-department in County General's emergency room, founded by Doug Ross in 1998.



Working as a pediatrics fellow, Doug Ross became increasingly frustrated with a proper treatment area fitted for the demands of pediatric patients. He began lobbying for a separate Pediatrics ER, a sub-department within the ER, with his colleagues. ER head Kerry Weaver, who had been butting heads with Ross for years, was opposed to the idea as it undermined her authority. Mark Greene, a good friend of both, tried to remain neutral.

Ross's unauthorized performance of an ultra-rapid detox on an infant born addicted to methadone hampered his plans, though a swift and political apology by Ross to Chief of Staff Donald Anspaugh prevented Weaver from using this to sabotage Ross' desired Pedes ER. A research team headed by Max Rosher investigated the possibility of a Pedes ER and, in 1998, gave their approval. The Pedes ER was formed, under the ER's supervision with Doug Ross as an ER Pediatrics Attending Physician.

The department ran well, despite Ross's inexperience with hospital administration, and attracted the help of Physician's Assistant Jeanie Boulet.


In winter 1999, Ross resigned following a scandal in which he helped a mother euthanize her terminally ill child. The Pedes ER remained; Cleo Finch started working there later that year. However, the Pedes ER itself was not seen after 2000, and entirely forgotten after Finch left County in 2001. With no mention in the years thereafter, and with its staunch opponent Kerry Weaver becoming ER department head in 1999 and then Chief of Staff in 2003, it seems likely the Pedes ER was closed, its equipment and rooms returned to the regular ER.