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Paul Sobriki
Key information
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Family Samantha Sobriki- wife, unnamed daughter.
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by David Krumholtz
First episode "Be Still My Heart"
Last episode "Beyond Repair"
Appearances 3 episodes (see below)

Paul Sobriki was an ER patient and a law student who originally came to the ER with headaches, prompting Lucy Knight to believe that Sobriki had schizophrenia and although Carter ignored it, they did the necessary bloodwork.

At some point, Sobriki suffered a psychotic break and attacked Lucy before lying in wait for Carter whom he then stabbed before Sobriki fled the ER.

Dr. Kerry Weaver discovered the two injured Doctors in the room, prompting the Valentine Day party to abruptly end as the ER team worked to save Carter and Lucy.

Tragically, Lucy later succumbed to her wounds and died, her death devastating the ER and its staff for many years while Carter was left with lifelong pain due to his damaged kidney and as a result of Lucy's death, Carter later became addicted to drugs, eventually entering rehab at the end of Season 6 to get treatment.

Sobriki soon reappeared in Beyond Repair where it was revealed that in the two years since the incident, he had been formally diagnosed as being schizophrenic and was being treated for the illness.

In addition to that, it was also revealed that he and his wife, Samatha, had a baby girl that was being looked after while Sobriki was in the ER. Sobriki's presence left Carter stunned, so much so that after recovering, Carter later fled to a hospital bathroom and vomited, presumably due to his disgust and horror over meeting Sobriki once again.


  • Lucy Knight- (stabbed, later died from her injuries).
  • John Carter- (stabbed, survived but was left with life-long kidney problems).