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Paul Manning
Paul Manning.jpg
Personal details
Profession Television writer and producer
Years active 1992 to 2005
IMDb 0543355
Role Co-Producer
Supervising Producer
Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 5
First episode "Day One"
Last episode "The Miracle Worker"
Credits 69 episodes (see below)

Paul Manning, born December 3, 1959 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA died January 2, 2005 in Sherman Oaks, California, aged 45, was a television writer and producer. He worked in both capacities for ER across the first three seasons. He also worked on the series L.A. Law and Clubhouse.


Early life

Paul was born in Madison, Wisconsin on December 3, 1959 to the former Charlotte Seaman and Gene Manning. He grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, worked in video production in Bethesda, and then moved to Los Angeles to attend AFI.


He made his television debut as a story consultant and writer for L.A. Law in 1992. He joined the crew of ER as a Co-Producer for the first season in fall 1994. He debuted with the second episode "Day One". He wrote the fourth episode "Hit and Run" and the ninth episode "ER Confidential". He co-wrote the story for tenth episode "Blizzard" with Neal Baer; Lance Gentile wrote the teleplay. He wrote the thirteenth episode "Luck of the Draw". He was promoted to producer from the fifteenth episode "Make of Two Hearts" onward. He wrote the eighteenth episode "Sleepless in Chicago", and the twenty third episode "Love Among the Ruins".

He returned as a Producer for the second season in fall 1995. He wrote the third episode "Do One, Teach One, Kill One", the eighth episode "The Secret Sharer", the thirteenth episode "It's Not Easy Being Greene", and the nineteenth episode "Fire in the Belly".

He was promoted to Supervising Producer for the third season in fall 1996. He co-wrote the story for the third episode "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" with Jason Cahill. He wrote the seventh episode "No Brain, No Gain", the eleventh episode "Night Shift", and the eighteenth episode "You Bet Your Life". He left his producer role at the close of the season to focus on developing new series.

He returned to ER as a writer for the fifth season in fall 1998. He wrote the tenth episode "The Miracle Worker".

He took a sabbatical from writing to explore a range of personal interests from 2001 to 2004.

He returned to television in summer 2004, as an executive consultant to the Aaron Spelling-Icon-CBS series Clubhouse.

Personal life

He married his high school sweetheart, Rebeca Medina, and they made L.A. their home. They had two children Daniel and Charlotte Rose.


He died January 2, 2005 in Sherman Oaks, California due to colorectal cancer.

As such, the Season 11 episode, Skin was dedicated to the memory of Manning.




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