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Malik McGrath
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Key information
Gender Male
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Occupation Nurse
Title LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)
Nationality African-American
Behind the scenes
Portrayer: Deezer D
First episode 24 Hours
Last episode And in the End...

Malik McGrath was a nurse on ER for the entire series.

Role in the Series

Malik played a comic relief character on ER. He helps with trauma cases and mostly works behind the desk when he isn't needed.

Relationships with other characters

Malik is friends or friendly acquaintances with everyone in the ER. He is good friends with Jerry and Frank, to whom Malik once played a joke on, during Frank's surprise birthday party. It's also revealed that he gets very little pay despite his experience and for this does not protest his hours getting cut. He is an LPN (licensed practical nurse)  instead of an RN- registered nurse like most of the other ER nurses. In the episode where all the nurses strike Malik continues to work and says,"I don't have to worry because it doesn't get much cheaper than an LPN, so I'm safe." He was good friends with Abby Lockhart when she was ER nurse, but still remained friends after she transitioned into a doctor.