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"Let it Snow"
Season 15, Episode 9
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Air date December 4, 2008
Written by Joe Sachs
Directed by Charles Haid
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A snowstorm strands Banfield and Morris at a Nebraska medical conference. Sarah and Alex defy Sam and sneak off to a party which leads to Alex becoming gravely injured as he crashes in the storm as he is driving a friend's car after the party.


There is a blizzard in Chicago which means some of the staff must work double shifts. Banfield and Morris are at a conference in Omaha and they are stuck in a bar, unable to fly back to Chicago. Morris gets to sing "Let It Snow" in the bar as they wait, and later Banfield, after a few too many drinks, sings "I Love Rock and Roll." They decide not to sing "White Christmas."

Neela is giving a deposition in the lawsuit, and talks too much - against her lawyer's advice. Chaz helps treat a girl from a car crash who dies, and has to tell her younger brother. Chaz can't do it and asks Brenner for help. Gates was at home and allowed Alex and Sarah go to a party. Alex ends up in the ER needing surgery. Sam is upset, Sarah is upset and Gates will bring back fresh clothes for Sam.

A little boy comes into the ER searching for his sister, not knowing she is dead he tries to find her. Simon Brenner must tell the child that there is no operation that can help her and his sister is dead for ever.



  • The title refers to the song "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" written by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne in 1945.
  • The lounge singer is singin Kokomo. John Stamos (Tony Gates) appeared in The Beach Boys' 1988 video of the song playing both conga and steel drums.


(Archie is trying to get a group of physicians to participate in singing "Let It Snow")

Archie Morris: (singing) Oh, the weather outside is...

(he thrusts the microphone in a man's face, to no response)

Archie Morris: (singing) ... frightful/But the fire is so...

(he thrusts the microphone in a woman's face, to no response)

Archie Morris: No winners yet!


Archie Morris: ... Delightful/And since we've no place to go/Let it...

(he thrusts the microphone in Cate's face)

Cate Banfield: Stop! Let it stop! Make it stop!