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"Last Call"
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date October 16, 1996
Written by Jason Cahill & Paul Manning
Directed by Perry Lang
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Last Call is the 4th episode of the 3rd season of "E.R." It was first aired on October, 16 1996. It was written by Jason Cahill and Paul Manning and directed by Perry Lang.


Doug's one-night-stand has a seizure and he brings her to the ER.

NBC Description

BEDSIDE MANNERS MATTER: Benton is busted by Dr. Keaton (Glenne Headly) for his lack of compassion for the pediatric patients and families.

Carter, on the other hand, is praised for understanding the emotional side of medicine. Carter also moves in with Gant (Omar Epps) since he is temporarily homeless after an apartment fire destroyed his place.

When a seizing woman is brought into the ER, Ross recognizes her as his one-night-stand from the night before. However, he can't even remember her name.

Greene turns down Lewis's offer to vacation in Hawaii, but agrees to apartment-sit for her while she's away.

Short Summary

Nurse Hathaway is wondering if she made the right career choice. The interns seem to be getting younger and in some areas she is already far more knowledgeable that they are. She is now considering taking pre-med courses at a local college. Dennis Gant is feeling the pressure to perform better. Dr. Carter forgets that Dr. Benton is to make a slide presentation on a surgical technique - and he hasn't yet told him that all of the materials were lost in the apartment fire. Doug Ross hits rock bottom when a woman he picks up in a bar has to be rushed to the ER. Doug knows nothing about her however. Jeanie Boulet is having difficulty adjusting to her medication. Abby Keaton tells Benton that he needs to take a greater interest in the patient if he's to succeed in pediatric surgery. Benton finally visits Carla Reece's restaurant.