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Kenny Schudy (real name unknown) is a young six year old boy with Edwards Syndrome and Trisomy 18.


The son of Mr. Schudy and Mrs. Schudy, Kenny was brought to the County General ER, having been vomiting for three days straight with Drs. Mark Greene and Elizabeth Corday treating Kenny.

After learning that Kenny needed surgery, Elizabeth spoke to Kenny's parents who gave their consent. As the surgeons brought Kenny up to the OR, his parents stayed with him before leaving, having told Elizabeth that they were going to the cafeteria to get some food.

However, Elizabeth soon discovered that the Schudys had disappeared without a trace and although she searched the entire hospital for them, she was unsuccessful in finding them.

Worse still, the form that Mr. Schudy had filled out was later revealed to contain nothing but bogus information which left the identity of the Schudys and that of their son in question, suggesting that "Kenny" may have been an alias of some sort.