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Hope Bobeck is a minor character in ER. She is portrayed by Busy Phillips.


Season 13

When new medical interns came to the ER in season 13, Hope catches Morris's attention. Morris asks her out for dinner, but she instead invites him to her Bible study group, as she is a born-again Christian (often found praying while taking care of her patients). Morris pretends to be as devout as she is, and Hope and Morris grow close to each other.

In the Christmas episode "City of Mercy", he gets through a difficult shift as the only ER attending, and at the end of the day Hope tells him how much she has learned watching him. She then asks him out for drinks, with the implication of intimacy to follow. Morris declines, much to his own surprise, recognising that she is lonely and he would be jeopardising a longer-term relationship by taking advantage of that.

Morris and Hope later get involved with each other while helping to plan Luka and Abby's wedding. The two take advantage of a honeymoon suite that Luka and Abby are not able to use and begin pursuing a relationship.

Season 14

Morris is saddened when Hope leaves for a long volunteer stint in Venezuela, and they subsequently break up off screen.