The Hathaway Clinic was an out-patient clinic in County General. It was founded in 1997 by Carol Hathaway.



The Hathaway Clinic, based out of an exam room of County's ER, opened its doors in fall 1997. As its patient load increased the following year, Hathaway hired Lynette Evans to aid her in 1998.


Following Hathaway and the clinic's involvement in Doug Ross's aiding of a woman to euthanize her terminally ill child in 1999, Chief of Staff Donald Anspaugh proposed shutting the clinic down. He was persuaded otherwise when Hathaway resigned from the clinic, leaving Evans in charge.

After 1999, the clinic was rarely heard or seen from. Carol Hathaway left County in 2000. It can be presumed that, eventually, the clinic ceased to function and was absorbed back into the ER.