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"Fortune's Fools"
Season 3, Episode 13
Air date January 30, 1997
Written by Jason Cahill
Directed by Michael Katleman
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Fortune's Fools is the 13th episode of the 3rd season of "E.R." It was first aired on January, 30 1997. It was written by Jason Cahill and directed by Michael Katleman.


Benton can't keep his mind on the job; Mark and Chuny break up; Carol does what she needs to do regarding the fatal error she has made.

NBC Description

SUPERHEROES, SUPER SACRIFICES: Carter confronts Benton about his inability to deal with Gant's death. Benton must also deal with the fact that his former girlfriend, Carla (Lisa Nicole Carson), is pregnant as a result of their recent night together.

Greene and Marquez break off their romance. Greene is encouraged by Anspaugh to pursue a teaching position.

Labor relations uses Hathaway's screw up to thwart negotiations with the other nurses, until Hathaway takes total responsibility for the incident and gets suspended. Ross treats a boy who is convinced he is Superman.

Short summary

The nurses are shocked to hear what happened to a patient during their 'sick out'. When the hospital leaks the information to the press, Carol Hathaway decides to set the record straight. Mark Greene decides his fling with Chuny Marquez has run its course and asks Doug for advice on how to end it. Greene and Dr. Weaver show their different styles when they each show prospective students around the ER. Hathaway treats a veteran police officer who seems to be developing a neurological disorder. Peter Benton sees his friend Carla Reece in the hospital waiting room and learns that she is pregnant. He also forgets that he and Carter had to make a presentation to the surgical staff. 




Dr. Mark Greene: How many people know about me and Chuny Marquez?

Dr. Doug Ross: Including the cleaning crew?


Nurse Carol Hathaway: I killed a man, and nobody around here seems to give a damn!


Dr. Mark Greene: Sasha, what a pleasant surprise. Sasha's one of our five-star chefs in the cafeteria. So what's today's special?

Sasha: Bratwurst. Idiot busboy carries out bin of hot water. Shoom! Right down my boot.

Dr. Mark Greene: Pretty nasty. Normally, I'd amputate, but I'm afraid you'd put it on the menu.