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"Fire in the Belly"
Season 2, Episode 19
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Air date April 25, 1996
Written by Paul Manning
Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala
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Fire in the Belly is the 19th episode of the second season of "ER" It was first aired on April, 25 1996. Written by Paul Manning and directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala.


Benton dismisses a patient he hasn't seen who should have been admitted. Carter competes with Dale, a new surgical resident-in-training who once slept with Harper.

NBC Description

CANDID CAMERA: Weaver allows a videographer, Iris, to document ER procedures as a study guide. Greene is initially resistant since Iris is a former patient.

Ultimately, Greene and Iris share a romantic evening together. Benton's misdiagnosis of a cancer patient lands him in hot water with his colleagues and Hicks.

Carter competes with a new surgical intern, Dale Edson (Matthew Glave). Carter's childish behavior leads to Harper breaking up with him. Chloe gains visitation rights with baby Susie.

Short summary

Just after Jerry spoiled a surprise Carter had for Harper, a guy (Dale) runs up to Harper. Dale turns out to be an old friend of Harper who she was intimate with once and he's also the new surgical resident-in-training. Carter gets desperately competitive with Dale after he learns Dale has already done procedures he hasn't. Susan has an appointment regarding the custody of little Susie. Benton makes a mistake by sending somebody home who should be admitted and finds that some surgeons don't want to work with him anymore because of the incident with Doug some days ago. Mark and infomercial director Iris flirt.



  • This episode was dedicated to Paul Leder, father of Mimi Leder, a co-executive producer and director of several ER episodes.


Hicks: Congratulations, Mr. Carter, on your first toothpick-ectomy.


Chuny: Harper, the guy in 2 needs a rectal.

Harper: Oooh, I have to take these bloods to the lab.

Chuny: Carter?

Carter: Pass...