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"Family Business"
Season 13, Episode (19)
Air date April 19, 2007
Written by Joe Sachs
Directed by Richard Thorpe
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"Family Business" is the 19th episode of the thirteenth season of ER. It first aired on NBC on April 19 in 2007. It was written by Joe Sachs and directed by Richard Thorpe.


Kovac and Gates deal with a hopeless father whose son succumbs to heart failure; Pratt tries to resolve the tension between him and his brother; an Armenian man tries to be a good samaritan but ends up crashing near the ER; Abby sneaks in baby Joe when she worries his sickness may be worse than it seems; Also, Sam injures the instructor of a self-defense seminar.

Short summary

Luka treats a man with a failing heart, and later must make heartbreaking decisions concerning the man's Alzheimer's-stricken father. Language presents a challenge when Neela and Abby treat a good Samaritan. Meanwhile, Pratt tries to help Chaz make a new career choice, Gates has troubles with his own father, and Sam's got her hands full with a seminar on handling aggressive patients.



  • Although listed in the opening credits, Scott Grimes does not appear in this episode.
  • The man with the failing heart was portrayed by Andy Prosky, and that character's Alzheimer's-sticken father was portrayed by Robert Prosky, Andy Prosky's father in real life.


(about Mr. Rutley)

Abby: Poor guy. So sad.

Luka: Ahh. He's lucky.

Abby: What?

Luka: He doesn't have to remember losing a son every day.


(Sarah shows up at the hospital for a vaccine)

Neela: Why didn't you go to your pediatrician?

Sarah: He only takes care of little kids. Besides, I think I need a new doctor anyway. Do you know a good GYN?


Tony: Is that your history project?

Sarah: No, I'm paying the bills.


(about Joe)

Luka: I guess uh... his urine tested negative? Pratt doesn't think he needs a CBC?

Abby(smiling) No. I know, you think I'm acting crazy.

Luka: No, I think you are acting like a mother -- a slightly crazy one.