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Dream Runner is the twelfth episode of the fifteenth season of the NBC medical drama series ER . It premiered on January 15, 2009.

"Dream Runner"
Season 15, Episode 12
Dream Runner.jpg
Air date January 15, 2009
US viewers 6.98 M
Written by Lisa Zwerling
Directed by Andrew Bernstein
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Neela has recurring dreams about trying to save a girl with sickle cell anemia. In them she also goes to an attending interview and sees an old colleague, has conversations with Ray , welcomes Brenner back from Australia, and assists Gates and Banfield in trying to save a "dream runner" who jumped out of a window during his sleep.

Cast and Characters


Parminder Nagra as Dr. Neela Rasgotra

John Stamos as Dr. Tony Gates

Linda Cardellini as Nurse Sam Taggart

Scott Grimes as Dr. Archie Morris

David Lyons as Dr. Simon Brenner

Angela Bassett as Dr. Cate Banfield


Abraham Benrubi as Jerry Markovic

Leland Orser as Dr. Lucien Dubenko

Perry Anzilotti as Perry

Dinah Lenney as Nurse Shirley

Nasim Pedrad as Suri


Keiko Agena as Mrs. Vasquez

Imani Hakim as Anastasia Johnson

Alex Kingston as Dr. Elizabeth Corday



  • Music: "Mad World," Tears For Fears (Neela's ringtone)
  • In each version of Neela 's day she drops her mobile phone and Dr. Brenner picks it up.
  • Gates and Morris treat a patient who is a "dream runner," defined as someone who is sometimes unable to go into a paralytic state during sleep, causing them to physically act out their dreams.


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