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"Damage Is Done"
Season 8, Episode 13
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Air date January 31, 2002
Written by Dee Johnson
Directed by Nelson McCormick
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Damage Is Done is the 13th episode of the 8th season of "E.R."


NBC Description

SICK BABY STRIKES FEAR IN HEARTS OF DRS. GREENE AND CORDAY: Drs. Greene (Anthony Edwards) and Corday (Alex Kingston) are gripped with fear when their helpless baby daughter is brought in with an accidental overdose while Dr. Lewis (Sherry Stringfield) treats a father and daughter who were injured after opening an exploding letter bomb.

Meanwhile, Dr. Weaver (Laura Innes) seethes when Dr. Romano (Paul McCrane) hands off some of her many duties to Lewis and Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) meets a dying 12-year-old leukemia patient (guest star Colton James) that his charity-minded mother (guest star Mary McDonnell) brought in.

Elsewhere: the doctors marvel over a 13-year-old girl (guest star Jeanette Brox) who crashed her car while trying to drive her drunken mother home; Dr. Gallant (new series regular Sharif Atkins) takes pity on a sickly bum (guest star Dana Elcar) and his friendly mutt Stinky; and Abby (Maura Tierney) gets a desperate, late-night visit from her female next-door neighbor (guest star Christina Hendricks).

Ming-Na also stars.


Eleanor Carter tends to a young leukemia patient, trying to make up for Bobby's death many years ago. Mark treats the victims of a letter bomb, and later treats his own daughter when Ella is rushed in after swallowing some of Rachel's Ecstasy. Abby treats a young girl who has been chauffering her drunken mother around. Abby also hides Joyce in her apartment while Brian searches for her and causes a ruckus. An allergic Gallant treats a blind man with a dog. Chen returns to the day shift, working with Weaver for the first time. Romano gives some of Weaver's duties to Lewis, making Kerry mad, until she meets a new friend on her way home.



  • This was Dana Elcar's last role before his death in 2005


  • When they are checking Jessica's hand Carter say that she is missing her ring and middle finger though they are visible in the next scene.


Romano(To Kerry): Well, a cart is not an attending an Dr. Lewis is.