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"Coming Home"
Season 14, Episode (8)
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Air date November 15, 2007
Written by David Zabel
Directed by Laura Innes
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Skye's the Limit

"Coming home" is the 8th episode of the fourteenth season of ER. It was first aired on NBC in November 15 in 2007. It was written by David Zabel and directed by Laura Innes.


Gates and Julia nurture their newfound romance but are soon interrupted by a troubled phone call from Gates' ward, Sarah.

Short summary

Abby's attitude is beginning to affect the staff. Kovač returns from Croatia a day early. Neela's intern makes her proud when he deftly handles a critical situation. Gates and Julia's tryst is interrupted when Sarah needs rescuing. Morris treats a British contestant injured during a cheese rolling event, and acts as adjudicator when the contestants come to blows over which of them won the competition. Meanwhile Moretti gets an upsetting and serious phone call about his son and leaves as soon as possible to take a flight out to Providence.



Morris: I will be the keeper of the cheese!


Tony: Uh-oh. You're one of those smart girls, aren't you.

Julia: You've only just noticed?


(as Dr. Moretti leaves the ER)

Moretti: Take care, Abby.

(he walks away)

Abby: Kevin! (he turns to look; Abby pauses) I hope everything works out.


(yelling to get the English cheese rollers' attention)

Morris: David Beckham is a wanker!


(as Harold prepares to put in a chest tube)

Ronny: How old are you?

Harold: Oh, what I lack in experience I make up for in enthusiasm. 

Ronny: What?!

Harold: Yeah! This being my first chest tube ever, I am really committed to getting it right!

Ronny: You're kidding. (looks at Abby uneasily) Is he kidding me?


Dr. Moretti: Haleh, will you go man the triage desk? We have a backup in waiting.

Haleh: No... but I can "woman" it...


Julia(about marijuana) You know, the Rastafarians consider it a sacrament. I'm very ecumenical.


Julia: You don't like ballet?

Tony: Not about haunted girls in the woods. I like sugar plum fairies. It's Christmassy