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"Calling Dr. Hathaway"
Season 3, Episode 19
Air date April 24, 1997
Written by Story:
Neal Baer
Jason Cahill
Samantha Howard Corbin
Directed by Paris Barclay
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"Calling Dr. Hathaway" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of ER. It first aired on NBC on April 24, 1997. It was written as a story by Neal Baer, teleplayed by Jason Cahill & Samantha Howard Corbin and directed by Paris Barclay. It has Carol Hathaway is at a professional crossroads when she scores high on the MCAT. John Carter decides whatever or not report a fellow intern's mistake to Donald Anspaugh.


Carol scores high on the MCAT and weighs on whatever or not she wants a career change. Carter debates on whatever he decides to report Edson's falsifying a patient's chart or not. Benton takes some personal day to care for Carla. Jeanie helps Jerry and Wendy find genetically engineered mouse.

NBC Description

WHAT'S UP DOC?: Hathaway passes her MCAT with flying colors and Weaver begins treating her like a med student. However, Hathaway decides that she loves nursing too much for a career change.

Benton discovers that Carla has diabetes, which gives him concern for his unborn child.

Carter fails to report Edson's misdiagnosis, fearing that Anspaugh wouldn't believe him anyway. A genetically engineered mouse escapes the lab and runs loose through the ER.

Short summary

Carol Hathaway receives the results of her medical school admissions test but begins to have doubts about being a doctor. When Jerry hears that a very valuable mouse has escaped from the hospital lab, he sets out to trap it in the hopes of collecting the $5000 reward. Dr. Carter is still in Dr. Anspaugh's doghouse and wonders when he'll ever get back into an operating room. He's faced with an ethical dilemma when a fellow resident, Dale Edson, falsifies a patient's chart to cover up an error. Benton finds it difficult to balance work with the demands posed by being a prospective father.



This is the last episode with Vanessa Marquez as Wendy Goldman, it was never explained why she left.


[Jerry is setting up a mousetrap]

Dr. Kerry Weaver: Jerry, what are you doing?

Jerry Markovic: I saw a mouse by the elevator. Soon to be deceased.

Dr. Kerry Weaver: Sounds like Heidi.

Dr. Doug Ross: You know this mouse?


Dr. John Carter: Surgeons don't rat on each other. It's like the Marines: "All for one, and one for all."

Dr. Maggie Doyle: That's the Three Musketeers.


John Smythe: No promises, but you might be contacted by H.R.C.

Dr. Mark Greene: [to Nina] Hillary.

Dr. Nina Pomerantz: Oh... well, if she ever gets her ass stuck in a bucket, she'll know who to call.

John Smythe: Well, I'll tell her you said so.