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Dr. Bogdanalivetsky "Bob" Romansky is a Polish surgeon working as a desk clerk in the County General ER during season 1. She is portrayed by Małgorzata Gebel.


In "Blizzard", while Dr. Susan Lewis is busy enlisting the help of Dr. Peter Benton to save a patient who is coding, Bob takes the initiative and quickly does the operation that the patient needed, much to the surprise of nurses Lydia, Wendy, and Malik. After Susan rushes back into the room to see her patient stable, she is surprised after the nurses tell her who performed the procedure, and Bob runs out of the hospital, speechless.

Later on, when John Carter finds her out in the snow, upset and sobbing, she confesses to him that she used to be a vascular surgeon back in Poland, and laments that she'll "never be a doctor" in America because she fears that if anyone else ever finds out she operated on a patient without permission, she wouldn't be able to take her Board exam, even though she saved the patient's life. Carter, though initially taken aback by her confessions, later reassures her that everyone will be grateful for her efforts, and even offers to help assist her with her English on the Board exam.

She is never seen or heard from again after "Summer Run".