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"Believe the Unseen"
Season 14, Episode (12)
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Air date January 10, 2008
Written by Virgil Williams
Directed by Rob Hardy
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"Believe the Unseen" is the 12th episode of the fourteenth season of ER. It first aired on NBC on January 10 in 2008. It was written by Virgil Williams and directed by Rob Hardy.


A firefighter is brought in after being injured at a fire that is blamed on a young girl with genetic problems. Abby decides to prove the girl did not cause the fire. A disfigured man saves his anti-social neighbor. An old woman dies unattended at the ER while the staff are waiting for a psychiatrist. Pratt backs up Abby in an administration meeting. Neela's cousin apparently chooses Harold. 

Short summary

Harold seems to have won over Neela's cousin. After hammering out the details with County's administration, Abby is cleared to return to work. A fire sends two foster kids and a firefighter to the ER. After treating one of the children, Abby suspects the little girl is suffering from a degenerative eye disorder. At the end of the day Abby decides to come clean with her colleagues about where she's been since Luka's father passed away.




Frank: Morris, are you sick?

Morris: No, Frank, I got this IV because I'm feeling a little parched.


Morris: Welcome back. How was Croatia?

Abby: Oh, you know... European.


Neela: Jaspreet's gone, and she's never coming back.

Morris: Where'd she go?

Neela: Well, I could tell you that, but then I'd have to kill you. She asked me to relay the following: Archie, thank you for a wonderful night. It was great, but please stop calling. And don't ever call again. Ever. Harold, thank you for a wonderful night. It was great, but please stop calling. And don't ever call again. Ever. So, there you go. And I'd very much appreciate it if we never speak of this again. Ever.


Abby: I was a bad friend, I was a bad doctor, I was a bad wife, I was a bad mother, uh...

Pratt: No. We see bad mothers come to here, all the time, and you do not qualify. We all have flaws Abby, but how many of us actually work to fix them?


Abby: I know some of you have been wondering and I appreciate the concern. I wasn't in Croatia for the last few weeks after Luka's father died. They left without me and I was in a residential detox facility. I'm an alcoholic...