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Dr. Archie Morris is a fictional medical doctor from the television series ER. Though he initially starts off as the show's comic relief, he eventually grows into both a well-rounded character and doctor. He is portrayed by Scott Grimes.


Archie Morris first appeared in the episode "Dear Abby", as the comic relief, and he avoids work whenever he can. He is usually bailed out by Nick Cooper. In the episode "Freefall", he is caught smoking confiscated marijuana and is punished by Dr. Robert Romano, but gets to avoid his punishment when Romano gets killed in a helicopter crash. Unaware of Romano's fiery death, he waits to be disciplined whilst being quite stoned.

In Season 11, Morris is made Chief Resident. This allows Morris to further antagonize the others. Morris only achievee this position because Dr. Greg Pratt turned it down. Morris' inflated ego causes him to clash with others and be disruptive.

At the end of Season 11, when Carter ends his final shift in the ER, Carter tells Archie that, "You set the tone", just as Dr. Mark Greene had told Carter on his final shift, though Archie was very drunk that night and doesn't recall this event happening later on.

In Season 12, it is revealed that Archie was a sperm donor and fathered four children. Hana, Max, Melia & Michael. They show up at the hospital and declare Morris as their father. At first Morris is shocked by this, but he agrees to try to be a good father.

Even though Morris clashed with Pratt earlier on in the series, they later develop a friendship by season 12. Though Dr. Kerry Weaver never outright says she doesn't like Morris, it is very evident she doesn't like him or think very highly of him.

By Season 15, Morris is a well-rounded doctor, and he meets Claudia Diaz while she's working as an undercover cop, and later starts dating her.


  • In S4E6 of the series Shameless, Scott Grimes appears as Dr. Zabel, who mentions that he is old friends with Frank (played by William H. Macy aka David Morgenstern). Both ER and Shameless take place in Chicago.

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