"Age of Innocence"
Season 15, Episode 8
  1. 317
Air date November 20, 2008
US viewers 9.15 M
Written by Janine Sherman Barois
Directed by Paul McCrane
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 Age of Innocence is the eigth episode of the fifteenth season of the NBC medical drama series ER. It premiered on November 20, 2008.


Gates goes out looking for a homeless war hero and upsets Sam . Neela 's med student gets the entire surgical department into a lawsuit. A couple comes into the ER after an attempt was made at burning down their home. Brenner gets into a fight with a patient, and later confesses a secret to Morris .

Cast and Characters


Parminder Nagra as Dr. Neela Rasgotra

John Stamos as Dr. Tony Gates

Linda Cardellini as Nurse Sam Taggart

Scott Grimes as Dr. Archie Morris

David Lyons as Dr. Simon Brenner

Angela Bassett as Dr. Cate Banfield


Leland Orser as Dr. Lucien Dubenko

Troy Evans as Frank Martin

Yvette Freeman as Nurse Haleh Adams

Lily Mariye as Nurse Lily Jarvik

Montae Russell as Zadro

Shiri Appleby as Dr. Daria Wade

Julian Morris as Dr. Andrew Wade

Dominic Janes as Alex Taggart

Angel Laketa Moore as Nurse Dawn Archer

Chloe Greenfield as Sarah Riley



  • Although listed in the opening credits, Angela Bassett does not appear in this episode.


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